Why Your DVR Keeps Freezing — What To Do?

Nowadays, security camera systems have advanced, providing us with access to advanced features as well. However, problems with CCTV tend to occur. Be it a faulty IR illuminator or a freezing DVR system, you can always contact an experienced technician for the solution.
So if your DVR is freezing and locking up, you might be wondering why that is. What could possibly affect the functioning of your security system? While you can call in a professional to fix the issue, read our blog to know the possible reasons why your DVR keeps freezing.

Reasons Your DVR Keeps Freezing

It can be pretty frustrating when your DVR locks up; you can no longer keep an eye on your surroundings since the DVR stops recording footage. Some factors responsible for your DVR freezing up are:

1. DVR & CCTV Camera Are Placed Too Far
Your DVR and camera system will not be able to maintain a healthy signal if they are located too far apart. Therefore, your CCTV and DVR need to have a minimal distance to resolve the issue.

To fix the problem, you should read the instructions and specifications of your system to learn the distance suggested by the manufacturer. Your system should work fine after you have the correct range. However, if the manufacturer does not provide any range, contact them. Other than this, you can adjust the distance until the freezing problem seems to go away.

2. Power Problems
Power issues are also responsible for frozen DVRs. Usually, a faulty electrical outlet or not using a power adapter causes your DVR to lock up.

So if your DVR screen seems frozen, it cannot hurt to check the outlet in use. You can ask an electrician to assess the outlets and let you know if it is faulty or not.

3. Signal Interference
Did you know that your DVR might be acting up because of interference in the signals? Wireless technology is widely used nowadays, and it can lead to problems with the signals. You might notice light to serious freezing in the DVR due to interfered signals. Hence, if you have a DVR, the following might interfere with the DVR:

  • Other WIFi cameras in the neighborhood
  • Baby monitor
  • Cables
  • Mirrors
  • Phones, tablets, and other devices
  • Microwave
  • Satellite services
  • Trees that are tall or bushy

Look around your property to spot what could be causing interference. Remove anything you suspect might be getting in the way of the signals. Apart from this, you can switch to a channel that has less traffic.

4. Problems With the Hard Drive
Your DVR will reboot or constantly freeze if it has hard drive issues. Corrupted segments or data in the HDD could interfere with the hard drive’s function of reading or writing data. This could be why your DVR keeps freezing. To resolve this issue, you will need to contact the manufacturer and ask them how to format the HDD.

In Conclusion

In short, your DVR could constantly be freezing due to a number of problems. These include the distance between CCTV and the DVR, faulty electrical outlets, signal interference, and problems with the hard drive. You can improve the footage of your camera by investing in some illuminators. Contact our Iluminar team at (281) 438-3500 to learn more.

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