Why Should You Have IR Lights for Security Cameras?

Security cameras play a vital role in keeping citizens safe and sound. But what if the cameras cannot capture a clear video during the night? IR lights prove best for security cameras when it comes to taking a clear video, even in the dark. It not only solves the lighting problem but also proves good on your budget. IR radiation is not visible to the human eye, but for security cameras, it acts as a flashlight at night.

Advantages of Infrared illuminator?

Security cameras work well during day time, but many incidents may occur during the night. However, with the help of IR lights, the security cameras would record everything clearly, even in complete darkness. Even the best camera would need an IR light in case of darkness. It works best because it has a longer range as compared to visible light. It also proves better because of a higher wavelength.

Why use a standalone IR Illuminators

The IR lights can be internal i.e.; these are built into the devices. When you use the IR lighting unit in addition to the camera, it is external. The external lights are standalone units that work independent of the camera and have a long functional life.

Furthermore, there is no obstruction when IR lighting is done separately. Anything attracted to IR light will not come in the way of the lens of the camera, and therefore there will be no disturbance in the video. It also helps to reduce the false motion detection alarm.

Why choose us?

The range of both types of IR illuminators may vary from product to product. However, the IR illuminators produced by Iluminar can match your specific needs. Whether you want a short-range or a super long-range illuminator, we provide all as per your desire. Call us today on 281-438-3500 to get an IR light of your own choice so you may have perfect recording even during night time.

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