Where to Find Reliable Lighting Solutions for CCTV Cameras

Without a reliable lighting source, your CCTV cameras are only functional half the time; sometimes even less than that. And since assailants know that your cameras are useless when it’s dark, they know the perfect time to put their criminal plans into action. The simple solution would be to install illuminators to your security cameras, but finding a company that provides reliable lighting solutions is no easy task.

Introducing iluminar

Thankfully, iluminar may be able to solve your problem. We are the leading provider of innovative lighting solutions in the United States. We provide LED lights for all types of CCTV and surveillance cameras, and given how extensive our product list is, you are sure to find a solution that meets your needs. With iluminar’s white light illuminators, your cameras can capture authentic color images while the illuminating effect of the floodlights acts as a deterrent to intrudersOur infrared lighting solutions are perfect for covert monitoring, allowing your security cameras to capture without illuminating the area under surveillance. This is perfect for residential areas where light pollution is a concern, and in cases where discreet monitoring is essential.

Why iluminar?

All our lighting units are designed for optimal performance and long-distance illumination. They improve the footage captured by your cameras, and while they are primarily intended for CCTV and surveillance cameras, they can be adapted for other uses. All iluminar products are vandal-resistant, and customers enjoy an extended warranty on some products.
To get LED lighting units for your surveillance and license plate recognition cameras, iluminar is your best bet. Call 1-281-438-3500 now for more information.

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