When to Use a White or Infrared Security Light

The success of your CCTV’s video surveillance depends on using the right lights to provide artificial illumination. Whether you use an Infrared security light or a white light is not just personal preference. Other factors govern which is appropriate for each situation, such as light pollution, coverage distance and other necessities.

When White Light Is More Appropriate

White light is more appropriate as a security camera’s illumination when it will be used for reasons other than just providing light for the camera. White light is more appropriate in parking garages and loading bays, where personnel will traverse or work. There’s no sense paying for two lighting systems that may interfere with each when white light provides lights for the camera and for your employees simultaneously. White lights can also be hooked to motion detectors to scare off intruders, where an infrared security light is invisible to the naked eye and will not repel intruders. Another reason to use white light is when you need color in your videos, for whatever reason.

When to Use an Infrared Security Light

An infrared security light should be used when you need to be covert, when you don’t want to let intruders know they are being watched. When repeated break-ins have occurred and nothing has been captured on video, the intruders may be skirting your cameras. A nearly invisible infrared security light will allow you to track the intruder’s movements on tape without them knowing. This will possibly reveal their entry point and the possible weaknesses in your security system. Also, infrared will not add to light pollution in your neighborhood.
Another reason to use Infrared is the distance you need to cover with your lights and camera working in tandem.

Infrared can illuminate out to about 920 feet, or nearly three football fields. You may not get the same detail out past a few hundred feet, but you can certainly track an intruder’s movement, and if they get close, you’ll get a video you can use for recognition, even though it will be in monochrome. If you have motion detectors hooked up to white lights, you can get color video. You’re only limited by your imagination, with good lighting.

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