What to Look for When Purchasing Surveillance Lights


What You Should Know about Surveillance Lights

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for property owners worldwide. Unfortunately, there are some bad people in this world that find joy in damaging property and/or stealing valuables. With the help of surveillance lights, anyone can feel safer inside their home or business.

Surveillance lights are not just for undercover law enforcement or federal agents surveying someone’s house. Anybody can feel safer with the help of extra security. There are several surveillance kits to choose from within each price range.

What to Look for in Surveillance Kits?

There are different types of cameras to consider. Bullet cameras are cylindrical objects that are all around us. You probably have seen these in the corners of parking garages, above doors and on fences guarding private properties. Some of these cameras are no bigger than a soda can.

Dome cameras provide a birds-eye view of any building or private property. Sometimes they are built to watch over one angle. Other times these cameras can be remotely controlled by a phone or have a point, tilt and zoom (PTZ) feature that allows pre-arranged motion to capture more views.

Live streaming cameras are built to never stop recording. Once the camera is set up, it constantly sends a live feed to a smartphone or computer. These can also be controlled by a phone.

Have you ever looked around a store and could not tell if an object on the ceiling was a light or camera? Do not worry; you are not the only one. There are hidden cameras that do exist. They are purposely designed to record human (or animal) activity without alerting them that they are being watched. Hidden cameras are perfect for people that want to spy in peace or are looking to catch someone that has been acting unfaithfully.

Surveillance Lights, the Most Important Ingredient

Surveillance lights outside of your home are great because they can be seen from far away and very few intruders are willing to chance detection or risk being caught on property that is constantly being watched. It is important to have enough exterior lighting so the cameras can clearly see in low light settings. If you plan on getting an outside camera to watch over the windows of your home, all glare should be eliminated.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are great for beefing up security at a private residence. These surveillance lights do not take up a lot of data or memory because most of the time they are standing by waiting to detect movement. Motion detectors record only a few seconds at a time so that nothing important is missed. Then it can be re-played later.

Why Infrared (IR) Surveillance Lights

It is also important to decide whether a color surveillance camera or black-and-white surveillance camera would work better for your location. A color camera will be able to pick out more details about an intruder, such as shirt color, shoe color, skin color and what color vehicle they drive. However, those usually only work well in areas that are well lit, so you should consider using infrared surveillance lights for color-capable recorders.

Iluminar Inc.

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