What to Look For in Infrared Light CCTV

Infrared light CCTV is ideal for security systems that require clear illumination at night and in low-light areas. The best systems ensure the quality of images is high, regardless of whether it is day or night. If you have a specific need, it helps to understand the various features to look for in IR light CCTV for your business.

Infrared Light CCTV Illumination Distance

The distance at which optimum clarity is maintained is an essential quality to look for in IR light CCTV. You need to know you will get the extent of coverage you need to keep a room or other area on your property illuminated.

If an area is 250 metres (820 feet) in length and you wish to capture full length illumination, you would need long distance IR light CCTV. Iluminar supplies a range of invisible infrared illuminators, which can reach distances of up to 280 meters (919 feet).

High Quality IR Light CCTV

Of course, distance is a moot point if your infrared or IR light CCTV doesn’t feedback quality images you can use in the case of a security issue. A good example of this is businesses that wish to capture clear images of license plates as vehicles enter and leave a parking lot.

Some infrared light CCTV systems do not operate well when a subject comes close to the camera. If that particular area is an important security vantage point, it may result in problems. You should look for high quality IR light CCTV that gives you full visibility for the area you want to monitor.

Speak to an Expert

When you are looking for infrared (IR) light CCTV, you will have an idea of what you want in relation to distance, coverage and equipment features. However, will you know how to identify the correct specifications for your needs by looking at a product list? Unless you are a business or homeowner with a high level of understanding when it comes to IR light CCTV, it is always best to speak to an expect to make sure you get a security system that provides maximum security.

Iluminar specializes in the supply of short, medium and long-distance infrared light for CCTV. We are your local industry experts when it comes to installing infrared light CCTV systems to protect your assets or family. Reach out to our offices today to explore the range of IR illuminators we have available to offer you.

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