What Should You Consider Before Using a Security Light With Camera?

Using a security light with your CCTV camera can bring many advantages if you do it right. Not only does it deter potential criminals, it also boosts your property’s indoor and outdoor security. Moreover, using security lights can help you identify any suspected criminal’s faces if necessary. Hence, you need to be mindful of a few key considerations when installing lights with a security camera. We have listed five of them in this blog; continue reading to get familiar.

Things to Consider When Installing Security Light With Camera

1 – Use a Sufficient Amount of Lighting
You need the right amount of lighting with your security cameras. It is generally recommended to follow the inverse square rule with security lighting. Simply put, take the distance of the object receiving the light or being lit. Then, double the distance; you will need light around four times the amount you initially required. Moreover, you might need extra lighting if the footage appears washed out or too dark.

2 – The Security Camera Should Not Face the Sun Directly
Another key consideration to make is the position of your security camera. For better picture quality, ensure that your security camera is not placed at an angle where it directly faces the sun. If it is, the pictures will have a high contrast due to the lighting. Consequently, you will find it hard to determine what is going on in the captured images. Therefore, consult a CCTV or security light company for the best strategies.

3 – Do Not Neglect Routine Maintenance
Your security camera and lighting will function optimally when you maintain them regularly. Thus, you should make sure that your outdoor lighting is working correctly. Dust and grime can accumulate on your security camera and lighting, so clean them routinely.

Other than this, your security equipment should go under inspection to check for any hitches that need to be fixed.

4 – Create Beauty With Function
You can have fun using a security light with a camera. For instance, you can use the lights to illuminate the outer edges of your house. This way, your home would light up, and you will have visual control over the surrounding areas. But check first if the lighting and camera go together well, in case the light produces glare in the footage.

5 – Try Going for Lighting That Does Not Bother Your Neighbors
Floodlights are an excellent source of bright light. Nonetheless, they might be bothersome for your neighbors. You can also choose security lights that are indirect and place them properly. Soft, warm tones might work better than a powerful light source. You can select an invisible security light with your camera. That way, you can, and your neighbors can all sleep peacefully. See what works best and choose the most suitable option for your security system.

What to Do Now?

Using a security light with a camera has its benefits. You have better visibility, and it makes face recognition easy. Therefore, Iluminar offers illumination options for your security camera. Contact us today to buy one of our products. You can also ask our experts for consultations and opinions on the most suitable equipment for your property. Dial (281) 438-3500 today.

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