What Is There To Know About Edge Recording?

Edge recording is best for smaller-scale surveillance for their homes or small businesses. Indeed, edge recording is the best option for those who require something on a smaller scale. This kind of recording uses the internal storage of the security camera rather than relying on a centralized recording system.

This system is focused and easy to install that can be immediately customized according to their needs but is limited in capacity and certain features. This blog is a perfect read for those who are interested in edge recording. We have detailed the most common questions and information specific to the surveillance method.

What Are Edge Based Cameras?

Mostly, edge-based cameras are IP working or cameras with a familiar design that features onboard storage. The internal storage hardware is actually an SD card, bought separately from the security camera, as most are not a part of the package deal.

Some use hard drives fixed directly to the camera. However, such a setup is often inconvenient and difficult to secure physically. Still, at the time of discussing surveillance, it will be an IP camera with an SD card checked wirelessly or switched out every so often.

Do Analogue Cameras Support Edge Recording?

Unfortunately, no. Analog security cameras do not support this function as they have no capacity for onboard storage. Well, the digital cameras mostly have an SD card slot in them or may be able to communicate with a wireless storage system (cloud, NVR, etc.). On the other hand, analog records video footage data only.

Analog security systems having no DVR only stream the video footage captured by the cameras and not recording it. Although such cameras are streamed easily, the system installation is much more complicated when considering remote viewing.

Edge Recording vs. Regular

The difference between the two types is basically the use of storage. In edge recording cameras, SD card slots are there to record the data. On the other hand, regular recording uses a centralized recorder.

The second option mostly includes a computer solely to store and manage video footage or the network video recorder. All in all, the main difference between edge recording and the other is the edge does not have centralized hardware, and the regular solely rely on it.

You may not get it, but edge recording may serve as a first step to setting up a better security camera system because IP cameras are installed as needed in either a home or even small businesses before setting centralized hardware.

Advantages of Edge Recording

  • Customize configuration
  • Highly flexible
  • Lesser traffic
  • Specific areas focus
  • Reduced bandwidth

Disadvantages of Edge Recording

  • Limited storage
  • Not suitable for large scale
  • Needs heavy focus
  • Vulnerable setup


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