What Is the Range of an IR Illuminator?

Infrared (IR) illuminators coupled with your CCTV come in ranges from short to super long-range. A convenient method to tell how long the range is for Iluminar Inc. products is to look at the name. The IR-148-2 means it has a range of 148 feet (ft) or about 45 meters (m) with a low-end power consumption of just 13 watts (w).

Other IR Illuminator Product Descriptions & Features

The next step up is the medium range IR312-2 IR Illuminator, which uses 24 W, is effective out to 312 ft or 95 m. Then, the long-range IR623-2 IR Illuminator using 36 W, and efficient for 623 ft or 190 m. The super long range IR919-2 IR Illuminator uses 48 W of electricity, and has potent power out to 919 ft or 280 m.

Each of these Invisible series IR illuminators come with a 5-year warranty, a weatherproof rating of IP-67, LED technology, built-in photocell for IR on/off and remote switching. And, they can be set for 940 nanometer (nm) or 850 nm wavelengths. Ask the illumination experts at Iluminar Inc.

Get the Right IR Illuminators from Iluminar Inc.

When you need IR illuminators to couple with your CCTV surveillance camera system, contact Iluminar Inc. We can assist you to choose the right illuminators, in IR or white light so that you will have perfect illumination for facial and license plate recognition to provide law enforcement to gather forensic evidence. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

Email sales@iluminarinc.com with your questions.

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