What Can a 360 Degree Security Camera Do?

Have you experienced a robbery in your store that your CCTV camera was not able to record? A camera plays a vital role when it comes to keeping your home and business safe. But what benefit will the camera give if it covers the events only from one direction? A 360-degree security camera is a valid solution for this concern.

How does 360-degree camera work?
Certain cameras come with fish-eye lenses that record everything from all angles. The camera images would need dewarping software to give the best result. The software is either built-in or can be purchased. These cameras can be installed indoor or outdoor and are also available in the wireless feature.

Benefits of a 360-degree camera
The following are the benefits:
Wide coverage
With the tilt rotation feature, these cameras cover all the movements and that too without blind spots. Whether someone installs them in open spaces, offices, shopping malls, it can cover anything and everything.

Zoom function
A 360-degree camera also allows to zoom in and zoom out so that better details can be taken from the images.

Infrared Night Vision
Most cameras are able to record perfectly well during the day. But the infrared technology in 360-degree cameras also lets to record with accuracy during the night.

Auto motion tracking
Most 360 degree cameras come with the function to detect any motion. This is helpful for those areas where a lot of movement does not happen, for example, a storeroom.
The installation of these cameras is very easy. However, it should be kept in mind that the cameras should not be placed at a corner otherwise walls will hinder the view. The experts at

Iluminar will be able to guide you about the most suitable places where the cameras will give the best coverage and result. Call us on 281-438-3500 for any inquiry.

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