What Can a Long-Range IR Illuminator Do?

Have you experienced a robbery in your store that a CCTV camera was not able to record? A camera plays a vital role when it comes to keeping your home and business safe. But what benefit will the camera give if it covers the events only in daylight? Now with a long-range IR illuminator, your camera can be as good at night as in the morning.

What does a long-range illuminator do?

A long-range illuminator helps to extend the range of coverage even during the night. When this illuminator is attached to the camera, it helps to see the target even in faraway places.

Benefits of a long-range IR Illuminator

The following are the benefits:

Wide coverage

These illuminators cover all the movements and that too without blind spots. Whether someone installs them in open spaces, offices, shopping malls, it can cover anything and everything.

Quickly installed

What good is the light if it becomes challenging to install it. However, the long-range IR illuminator is simple and quick to install.

Clear Night Vision

Most cameras are able to record perfectly well during the day. But it becomes challenging to record at night. But with long-range IR illuminator, your night vision devices work better. These devices then record the event with accuracy during the night without any chances of doubt.


These lights are designed to last. The aluminum casing and tempered lense make them suitable for working in harsh weather as well.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor

Many of the illuminators might be suitable for outdoor but might not act effectively in the indoor. However, the long-range IR illuminator works well both indoors as well as outdoors

The experts at Iluminar will be able to guide you about the most suitable places where these lights will give the best coverage and result. Call us on 281-438-3500 for any inquiry.

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