What Are Some Different Types Of White Light Bulbs?

Did you know that there are different white light bulbs, warm white, soft white, cool white, and daylight light bulbs?

In the past, we had incandescent bulbs. We have been using these at our homes; hence we were comfortable with warm-looking lighting. Then came along compact fluorescent bulbs. With these got used to light that appeared more white and blue when compared to incandescent bulbs. Back in the days, we considered these whiter or bluer colors to be very “cool” in appearance.

How warm light is, depends on the temperature of its color. It does not have any connection with the actual heat that the bulb is producing. You can use the metrics terms kelvin or use terms as warm light, cool light, and daylight to define these color temperatures.

There is no absolute agreement to define what Kelvin ratings can define which color of temperature. You will see different descriptions and ratings worldwide, but below is an excellent general guideline to start with.

  • Warm White Light: You can consider a bulb of warm white light to be below 3000 kelvin. If you see, an incandescent bulb is 2700 kelvin, and a halogen bulb is 2850 kelvin. But the difference is, an incandescent or halogen bulb is dim in color and has a slight orange effect. You can drop it at 2200 kelvin. Remember that a warmer bulb means it is low in kelvin.
  • Soft White Light: If a bulb gives out light between 3000 kelvin and 3500 kelvin, it can be considered soft white light.
  • Cool White Light: These bulbs produce light between 4100 kelvin and 5000 kelvin and are considered cool white light. These also have a light blue feel to them.
  • Daylight: If a bulb produces light at around 6500 kelvin, it is considered a daylight bulb. These bulbs have a cool sensation to them.

When it comes to deciding between which bulb you shall be fixing at your home, it is entirely personal. At your home, you may like to set a particular mood but selecting a specific color. You can use it all across the house or have a different color for every room. You can have a warm bulb in the dining room and your bedroom—a bright white bulb in the kitchen. And cool bulbs across the utility areas and workshops. But as mentioned earlier, it a personal choice.

To learn more about white lights and how they affect your mood, you can always reach out to Iluminar. Our team of experts are ready to assist you. Call us now at 281-438-3500.

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