Top Tips for Buying a Security Camera IR Illuminator

When considering a security camera IR illuminator it is important to first understand your needs. This is a purchase that should be based on your business need, so not just any security camera Infrared illuminator will suffice. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind so that you buy the right one for your security camera.

Measure Distance For Security Camera IR Illuminator

Before you rush out and buy, consider the distance that you need to cover. Every security camera IR illuminator has range limitation, which means if you buy the wrong product for your needs it may not provide illumination in the areas where you need it most. For instance, a security camera Infrared illuminator that reaches up to 919’/280m is considered super long range. This product is suited to areas such as long corridors or parking lots.

Camera Rotation

Is the camera in a room with a lot of area to cover? You will want to consider a long range security camera Infrared illuminator that provides 360 degree rotation. A long range model is better for larger rooms if you want to capture detail in your recordings. One of the features that many businesses are looking for is the ability to read license plates from a considerable distance. With Iluminar you have access to a large range of products where you are sure to find the security camera IR illuminator that is right for you.


You can choose a visible, invisible, or opto- security camera Infrared illuminator. It all depends on the quality of images you wish to capture. A security camera Infrared illuminator will pick up light that is not visible to the human eye. You can also purchase models that help to keep your cameras covert so that criminals are not able to easily circumvent your security.

Speak to an Expert

The best way to ensure that you buy the right security camera IR illuminator for your needs is by speaking to an expert from Iluminar. We have helped countless businesses increase their security and capture clearer images of activities taking on and around commercial premises.

Iluminar Can Provide Security Camera IR Illuminator You Need

Call Iluminar today to discuss your needs with a professional member of our team. We will provide recommendations based on your exact specifications. Business owners in Houston can rely on the skills and knowledge of Iluminar to provide top tips on the right products for you.

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