The Very Cool Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision

Night vision is usually thought of as the ability to see at night, but this is only partly true. Night vision illumination gives cameras the ability to record images in low-light conditions as well. This can be achieved either biologically (naturally) or technologically. With enhancement of the spectral range and intensity range of available light through heat imaging,night vision can be enhanced. Infrared light has longer wavelengths than visible light.Every object emits infrared radiation, but it is not visible to the naked human eye. Infrared illumination light for night vision is now being employed with most security cameras. The device captures heat radiation emitted by an object.

Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision as a Video Camera Aid

Originally, only night vision glasses could allow you to see in the dark; these were huge and heavy. The need for better devices led to the introduction of the Night Vision Device (NVD). These incorporated an image intensifier (a tube) held by a rigid casing and were used by the military. With the rapid evolution of technology, infrared illumination light for night vision has become more accessible to private businesses and homeowners.They assist their security cameras in capturing video for forensic evidence, for law enforcement and crime prevention.

An image sensor contains both visible and Infrared (IR) detectors and is vacuum-tube-based. The photomultiplier tube generates images from the few photons around an object. It is a common misunderstanding that these devices amplify the light.In reality, they detect the reaction of light striking a charged photocathode.

By using infrared illumination light for night vision, the image appears when the light is hitting the photocathode electrons. These electrons illuminate the image screen with the same pattern of light that goes through the vacuum tube. The electrons use light that is visible, just like Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) screens.The difference between the input and output of visible light is what makes the image become “intensified.” This is what defines passive and active night vision devices.

Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision Technology

Technology has allowed the merging of image intensification with active infrared illumination light for night vision in the near-infrared (NIR) and Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) ranges, such as from stars or the moon. Active infrared night vision uses charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras sensitive to infrared light between 700-100nm (nanometers) to produce a monochromatic image on the screen. The images generated by active infrared night vision devices are usually of better resolution than most other vision devices.

Beyond infrared illumination light for night vision, a technique emerged where high-powered, pulsed light is directed at a target. Specially made cameras with variable shutter speeds detect the light and create an image; their advantage is they allow for target recognition.This aids in license plate and facial recognition by law enforcement. With the increase in security awareness, infrared illumination for night vision is now available to all.

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