The Top 3 Things to Look for in an Infrared Security Light

Infrared security lights provide illumination for your CCTV cameras. To get the best possible lights for your needs, you should consider three crucial elements: enough light for clear video, will it cover the planned range, and weatherproof requirement.

#1 – Does the Infrared Security Light Provide Enough Light for Clear Video

The illuminators you use with your CCTV should supply enough light to provide clear video, which is capable of facial and license plate recognition. If it doesn’t, is it what you want for a security light? Depending on the planning range, you might need to add more illuminators.

#2 – Does the Infrared Security Light Cover the Necessary Range

When the range is your concern, check the planning range for the infrared security light. Many illuminators have a range between short (148 feet), medium (312 feet), long (623 feet) and super-long (919 feet). Depending on the planned range for your CCTV camera, you should purchase and install enough infrared security lights to cover that range.

#3 – Do Its Weatherproof Capabilities Meet Your Needs

In a warehouse, this is not a concern, but outdoor lights and cameras get exposed to weather conditions, and waterproofing is a necessary concern. Make sure your lights have a minimum IP67 weatherproof rating. This rating means you could drop the light into a meter of water for 30 minutes and it will continue working.

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