The Need for Illuminators in Easy Terms

We all care about safety. It protects us from being harmed and allows us to have peace of mind. Many of us have different ways to protect ourselves from losing our safety. Some of us may have lights as a way to scare an intruder; others may even hire bodyguards to watch their homes. However, the best and most efficient way to protect everything is to install cameras. Now, by installing cameras, you have protected yourself in the day, but what about at night? Let us take a look at why you need illuminators with CCTV to protect the things you love

The camera alone can not capture clear videos at night

While it may be hard to believe, cameras are not always the best way to catch a thief, at least not without proper equipment.  If you want a clear picture of the thief, you must install illuminators to give light to the video. Think of it as in terms of our era. If you want a good photo at the beach, but it is night time, how will you take the picture? You are probably going to turn on flash. This will allow you to be able to see everyone in the photo. The same thing goes with CCTV: without a light source, everything is as pitch dark as your phone is without flash.

You need to be able to see external things besides the face

A good robber isn’t going to come without a mask, so a camera or not, you probably won’t be able to see their face. However, when you have a camera that has an illuminator, you will be able to see other details that could help catch the criminal. This could be anywhere from a car color to the license plate attached to the robber’s information.

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