The Multiple Uses for the Invisible IR Illuminator


Invisible IR Illuminator: Light Up Your World

The invisible IR illuminator can capture available light and make it available for video recording and still photos. IR illuminators come with a variety of wattage, power source options, and have multiple uses. Wide-angle illuminators can reach even the most difficult shaded areas and light it up.

Light is heat energy, and the invisible IR illuminator can amplify and reflect that energy back to the recording device to make it visible to the human eye (430-770 THz). Therefore, low-light and no light environments appear bright with the help of IR illuminators.

Incredible Uses for an Invisible IR Illuminator

Use #1 –Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System

The number one use of invisible IR illuminators to provide a light source for a CCTV security surveillance system. Without light, there is no video. Even the faintest of light can be transformed into a viewable image. So, for security purposes around your home or business, IR illuminators are the best high-tech choice. Keep your loved ones and valued possessions secure with a high-tech IR illuminator surveillance system.

Use #2 –Capture Video of a Night-Time Pool Party

Use illuminators to “light up” your backyard night-time pool party and capture all the fun without white lights that would reflect off the water and cause glare. Plus, by using wide-angle illuminators, you can light up even darkened corners. You can autonomously flood your backyard naturally, evenly, and dependable with invisible IR illuminators.

Use #3 – Capture Natural Wildlife Videos

Using invisible IR illuminators with a new technology day/night camera, you can capture video of wildlife without disturbing their natural habitat because IR is nearly invisible. This will allow amateur and professional film-makers to capture night shots of their lead characters without disrupting their routine.

With a bit of practice, you can couple wide-angle IR illuminators with your cinematic tools and create lighting effects to tape live events. Lightboxes, reflectors, and IR filters are used to balance and diffuse lights. The more you experiment with different tools, the better you will become at night filming.

Use #4 – Video Amateur Concerts and Other Open-Air Events

As stated above, experiment with different cameras and lighting to come up with videos you can share with your friends. Do not try this at a professional concert as you might infringe on their copyright.

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