The Main Types of Infrared Illuminators

Infrared illuminators emit light in the infrared spectrum, making their rays (and illuminating effect) invisible to the human eye. In simple terms, IR illuminators emit light that cannot be seen with the naked eyes. As a result of this, infrared or IR illuminators have a wide range of functions; from providing light for night vision security cameras to serving as a covert flashlight for hunting.

Here are the 3 main types of infrared illuminators and how they differ:

Infrared Heat Lamps:

these are IR illuminators made from incandescent bulbs. They are more expensive to produce, to purchase, and to maintain. They emit low and invisible light, and are used for industrial heating, for drying and processing applications, and to heat large spaces.

Infrared Light Emitting Diodes (IR LED):

infrared LEDs are the smallest of the bunch. They are also the cheapest to produce (and purchase) and the most energy efficient. IR LEDs are mostly used as covert lighting sources for infrared cameras. They have a longer life span than lamp illuminators, and depending on design, they sometimes last longer than laser illuminators.

Laser Infrared Illuminators:

Laser infrared illuminators have a longer range than LEDs and they are very effective for lighting up an area during bad weather conditions. However, they are more expensive and they may be harmful to the eye. As a result, they are restricted to military and industrial use.

Of all three, infrared LED illuminators are the most functional and the safest to use in residential areas and public spaces. If you are in the market for IR LEDs for your security cameras, contact Iluminar Inc. today. Call 1-281-438-3500 for any inquiries.

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