The Cost Effectiveness of the Wide Angle IR Illuminator

If you are using a night vision camera system to provide surveillance in your backyard, Homeowners Association (HOA) residential area, a business warehouse or parking facility, but have been struggling with grainy images and poor illumination, there is only so much you can do with the camera itself to solve the problem. The wide angle Infrared illuminator is a cost- effective solution for your camera lighting issues. It expands the illuminated area up to 90 meters with even coverage and has a 10-year lifespan. The power required builds up heat within the camera,  so there is a limit to how much energy that can go into it. However, with a wide angle IR illuminator you will have clearer pictures at a cost-effective price.

Extended Lighting Coverage

Compared with an LED light, the coverage of a wide angle Infrared illuminator can shine out to 90-meters along a 180-degree angle. If you want 360-degree lighting, place two in conjunction with each other, which can provide you a full circle of light for up to 90 meters. When there is insufficient lighting, your camera often has to extend the exposure time, causing images to blur or give those images a grainy look. For a reasonably low price, the tri-illuminator will improve the pictures, brighten the images, and outperform simple LED lights, which tend to have a narrow, flashlight effect on images and videos.

Extended Lifetime with a Wide Angle IR Illuminator

The wide angle Infrared illuminator is cased in a vandal resistant packaging with a solid-state construction that is maintenance free, which will give you peace of mind for your home, yard, business, or parking facility. The integrated circuitry controls the total light output and is designed to last you 10 years or more. There is a light-sensitive exterior power cell that detects when the light needs to turn on and it comes with its own AC input power supply.

Discover the Cost-Effective Solutions from Iluminar Inc

We sell only the best in wide angle Infrared illuminators, which gives you the flexibility of additional angles to cover additional areas for less money, brighten those shadowy areas, and eliminate the dark spots on your video. Whether you need the video for surveillance, live event feeds, or just for personal enjoyment, Iluminar Inc. can provide the lights you need to make your system cost-effective. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

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