Saving Money with LED Illuminators

There are so many reasons to consider LED illuminators for your security cameras. These lights will increase security and help you to get the clearest picture from your camera footage. While most people are aware of the technical benefits of LED illuminators, they might not know that these devices can also save you money. Keep reading to learn how.

Higher Efficiency, Lower Cost

LED illuminators will save you money because they are extremely energy efficient. They use just a fraction of the voltage needed by low-voltage halogen bulbs or mains-driven bulbs. LED illuminators are also bulb-free, saving you the cost of the bulbs. The LED illuminators last for years, compared to bulb-based illuminators that will need bulbs replaced every few months.

Choosing the Right Lights

To maximize the benefits of your LED illuminators, be sure to choose the correct type of light for your needs. We offer infrared illuminators that work great with black and white cameras and offer discreet illumination. We also offer white-light illuminators which are great for color cameras and low-light environments.

LED Illuminators in Irvine

Are you ready to experience the benefits of LED security camera illuminators? Iluminar is here to help. We work with each client individually to help them discover the best lighting for their security needs. To get started today, call us at 281-438-3500.

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