Iluminar Inc. Security Just as the human eye relies on the presence of an adequate light source to see, security cameras must be provided with proper illumination to capture high-quality images and video. Find out how iluminar’s superb independent lighting and LPR solutions can bring your security solutions to the next level.

WL436-PoE-2 Series

Weight3.3 lbs
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Long range White Light illuminator

  • Long range White Light illuminator
  • Visible light for color
  • SMT LED technology
  • Distances up to 436’ (133m)
  • Angles 10deg, 30deg, 60deg, 100deg & 120deg
  • Low power consumption (36W)
  • Long life
  • 5 year warranty
  • IP67 weatherproof rating
  • Built-in photocell on/off
  • Telemetry input for remote switching
  • High Power PoE power





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