Iluminar Inc. Security Just as the human eye relies on the presence of an adequate light source to see, security cameras must be provided with proper illumination to capture high-quality images and video. Find out how iluminar’s superb independent lighting and LPR solutions can bring your security solutions to the next level.

Picking the Right IR Lights for Security Cameras

IR lights for security cameras are an ideal addition for enhancing the images your camera’s capture, including license plate numbers. Choosing the right IR lights for security cameras is not always about cost. You could end up spending an extraordinary amount of money for lights you don’t really need.

At Illumina, our focus is on matching the right product to our customer needs. We have IR lights for security cameras available, including the invisible and the OPTO series. You can choose from short to the super long range, depending on your specific needs.

Detailed Recording

IR lights for security cameras should ensure that you are able to record video of important events on your property. When it comes to security, the level of detail captured during an event will impact on the efficiency of the system. For instance, if your building entrance is a considerable distance from the road, you may want the ability to read license plates from that distance. Super long range IR lights for security cameras will allow you to monitor visitors to your building and provide license plate details to the police, in the event of a criminal offense.

Rotation and range are also important factors in getting the most from your IR lights for security cameras. It does not make sense to choose a product that reduces the rotation capabilities of your security cameras. The range of IR lights for security cameras should meet the requirements of the space and the assets you wish to protect. Do you really need long range IR lights for security cameras to monitor the janitor’s closet?

Choose Innovative Solutions

Illuminar has the expertise in innovative solutions using IR lights for security cameras. Our education center provides a large database of information on cost-savings and implementation of IR lights for security cameras. If configuration and placement is something that makes you scratch your head, we have the experience and knowledge to help ensure you make the right choices to protect your property and assets. You can access the Illuminar education center at any time via our website.

You can call on us at 281-438-3500, or reach out for cost and technical support by emailing our team at We understand that choosing the right IR lights for security cameras can seem like a complicated process, which is why Illumina is committed to helping you navigate the available options and simplifying your choices.

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