Must Have Features in Night Time Cameras

Are you considering installing a surveillance system within your commercial facility or residential premise?

Enhancing security is an important factor to ensure safety of your loved ones whether it is family, friends, employees and general acquaintances. Building a security system can help reduce risks of potential criminal activity such as theft, intrusion, violence and harassment.

Are you stepping into this possibility for the very first time? And want to know about the nitty-gritty of this process? If the answer is yes, you have landed on the correct page. Stay with us until the end of this blog to familiarize yourself with important features of a night vision camera.

This reading is an entryway for familiarizing oneself with essential features of a night vision camera!

Night Time Vision

The idea and purpose of security might differ from person to person. If you are someone who is looking to ensure security during night time, or at places where there are limited sources of natural light. Go for cameras that use in-build infrared (IR) light/vision. These cameras have inbuilt features of night time vision which helps in capturing activity in pitch dark or dimly lit places.

High Resolution Footage

Ensuring robust security depends on the kind of camera quality. Go for cameras that produce high quality footage. High resolution cameras can be a helpful way to track activity very clearly in low lighting or nighttime.

Wide Field of View

Cameras that come with an expansive and wide field of view are preferable choices in general. Field of view refers to the angle that a camera can capture at once. Having a higher covering range can increase general visibility that might not come with a lesser wide angle camera. This can also cut costs of installing too many cameras in one place that may also affect discreteness.

Software and App Integration

Camera systems should be well supported by updated software and relevant apps for better management and integration with previously installed surveillance systems. This can increase accessibility, convenience and may add as a plus point towards ensuring safety and keeping constant check of activities in offices or homes during your absence.

Infrared Cut Filter

This type of camera is suitable for both day and night time. If you are wanting to have a camera for monitoring from day to night, make sure it has a cut filter that switches automatically between modes with timings and light changes.


Installing a surveillance system comes with too many personal considerations like location, purpose, budget and integration commitments.

Similarly, if a camera is solely installed to capture night time footage, features like high resolution, IR vision and cut filter, wide-field view, makes it the best suited candidate.

If you are also considering purchasing and installing a camera surveillance system in your desired locality. Contact Illuminar for high quality products and market competitive services. Call us at (281) 438-3500.

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