Modern Features to Look for in Surveillance Lights

Modern features in surveillance lights are an important part of your security protocol, and you will find that you may include your lights with cameras, wide-angle illuminators for broader coverage, motion sensors, and other security features. This article explains how you may use lights to improve security, and we will discuss some simple tricks for installing them once you have made your purchase.

The surveillance lights you have chosen will turn on when you need them to, and they will give you a clear vision of what is in the area. What’s more, you can install infrared surveillance lights and the intruders won’t even know they are being filmed.

Surveillance Lights: Fluorescent vs Light Emitting Diode (LED) vs Infrared (IR)

Perhaps the most important new development in surveillance lighting since the IR is the wide-angle IR light. This feature gives you greater flexibility for coverage and makes the use of smartphone technology and Wi-Fi more interoperable with your lights and cameras.

The cost saving of using LED over fluorescent is enormous and mixing in wide-angle illuminators to cover more ground is a feature you can’t afford to pass up. You can save even more with wide-angle IR surveillance lights that can cover more ground and eliminate shadows that would spoil the clarity of the video, possibly making it unusable in court.

Wide-angle IRs feature the ability to cover 120 degrees, so with three sets, you can cover a full 360 degrees. Your pan–tilt–zoom (PTZ) camera can do its job more efficiently than ever. This feature allows for smartphone interconnectivity to provide better coverage and remote operations.

LED surveillance lighting has an efficiency rating of eighty to ninety percent because only about ten to twenty percent is consumed by heat. They have a very long life and are inexpensive to use. They are not sensitive to vibration, which makes them extremely durable. The potential for cost savings for just one Illuminar LED is approximately $7.14 each year. Imagine the savings for an entire warehouse or parking garage.

Where to Install Surveillance Lights

These lights are quite easy to install when you place them in strategic locations around your home, office, or warehouse. You may place them with CCTV cameras to give the camera a better look at what is going on, or as stand-alones in hallways and warehouse aisles that are not normally lit. You may place them on the side of the house or a warehouse to provide security in those areas. Homeowners may use these to add lighting to an outdoor area that they feel is not safe.

Wherever you decide to install these lights, be sure to use the latest technology for Wi-Fi hook up and smartphone use. Even if you do not intend to use the technology right away, it is best to have it available in case things change.

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