List of accessories in IR video camera for ultimate safety

When it comes to capturing video in low or no light zones, CCTV using infrared video cameras is the most suitable option.  The list of accessories in CCTV is IR illuminator, monitor, power supplies, transmitter, etc. The accessories work together to provide night vision. Infrared is essential for recording overnight. 

Security is a 24-hour job; therefore, CCTVs serve the purpose. While capturing the image, the IR wavelength passes from the object to the camera, making the picture clear. Although infrared is all around us, we cannot see it. This infrared makes the camera possible to see and capture images and videos in the dark. 

Infrared video cameras with the cut of filters

The IR video camera comes with IR cut-of-filters, which during the daytime block infrared wavelength and allows visible light to pass through. But at night or in the dimness, the filter acts oppositely. Now it will enable infrared light in making it possible to view images by the camera. It is the reason the camera delivers a colorful image during the day, while night vision or black and white ones at night. This is the True Day Night (TDN). 

How to avoid the whiteout effect

There is a situation in which even a TDN cannot provide clear images; the next best option is the use of a more powerful IR illuminator in CCTV. The powerful infrared video camera in it will give better results by lightening up pitch dark areas. There is even a possibility of a whiteout effect. The whiteout effect happens when the object comes so close to the camera that it is no longer visible. Therefore, to avoid, get a camera with smart IR options. 

IR illuminators for infrared video cameras 

However, the IR illuminators produced by IIuminar for an infrared video camera and all other CCTVs match all your specific needs. To know more about the list of accessories in the IR video camera, call us today on 281-438-3500. Get an IR light of your own choice for more security during night and day time.

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