License Plate Recognition: How it Works & How It’s Used

New camera technology has led us to new license plate recognition (LPR) possibilities and it’s now available and more affordable than ever for businesses and individuals outside of law enforcement agencies. But how does this new technology work and what can it be used for? We cover a bit of that here.

From Camera to Database to You

There are several steps in the process of automated license plate recognition. It all starts with the camera, however, and the better the camera technology you have, the easier the process will be. More advanced cameras with better specs like resolution and IR illumination are more accurate as they read plates automatically and provide clearer pictures of the plate, car, and driver.

The photos taken of the vehicle are all stored in a database along with the license plate information plus date and time. The license plate is automatically searched in your database for existing records. Alerts can be set up in advance so emails or texts can go out to important personnel immediately if needed.

You and your staff are the last piece of the process. It takes human eyes to verify the information captured through the LPR camera and to take action if action is needed.

LPR Applications

The most popular application for license plate recognition is law enforcement. Cameras can be attached to vehicles to automatically scan nearby motorists’ vehicles. This is helpful to take a record of cars present at a certain location. They are also used to track vehicles through intersections, tunnels, and other roadways if law enforcement is tracking someone or needs to know where they’ve been.

Civilian applications for license plate recognition are becoming more popular. They can be used to secure a building or complex by ensuring only authorized vehicles are allowed on the property or keep a record of the vehicles that arrive and exit. For parking lots, the number of cars present can be tracked so no additional vehicles are allowed to enter if it’s full or to enforce reserved spaces.

Iluminar LPR Features

Iluminar offers a range of license plate recognition cameras that are all-in-one, designed with the camera itself as well as lighting, filter, lens, and electronic synchronization in one unit. This makes them easy to install and begin using with any software or DVR system you choose. With an LPR camera from Iluminar, you will get clear images and accurate data no matter the time of day and up to 60’ even if the vehicle is in motion.

We’d love to answer any questions you have about Iluminar’s LPR camera features and applications. Call us at (281) 438-3500 to speak with one of our knowledgeable reps to learn more.

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