Is Your CCTV Camera Lens Dirty? Here Are 4 Steps to Wipe It Clean

Is Your CCTV Camera Lens Dirty? Here Are 4 Steps to Wipe It Clean
CCTV cameras help keep an eye out for any suspicious activity that may occur near your property. But sometimes, the video quality starts deteriorating, and you are unable to view the footage clearly. A common culprit for blurry videos on CCTV cameras is a dirty lens. Yes, you read that right. Something as simple as cleaning can help maintain the CCTV camera’s delivery and output. Plus, it is super easy to do!

Cleaning CCTV Camera Lens

You can maintain the high quality of your CCTV footage by cleaning the lens regularly. To do so, you’ll need:

  • Clean microfibre cloth
  • Can of compressed air
  • Lens cleaner solution.

After you have collected the required materials, you can get started on cleaning your CCTV camera lens. The steps are given below:

1. Removing Loose Dust & Debris

If your camera moves remotely, shut the power off before you proceed. Then, you can initiate the cleaning process by blowing air at the lens using a can of compressed air. This will remove any loose dust particles or debris from the lens so you can move to the next step.

2. Wipe The Lens With a Microfibre Cloth

Take a fresh microfibre cloth to wipe the lens. It is smooth enough to clean the CCTV lens without removing its special coating gently. Hence, use a microfibre cloth to wipe the CCTV lens clean.

3. Bring Out the CCTV Cleaner

You can get a good CCTV cleaner for this project; ask your local security dealer for options. Also, make sure to ask if the cleaner removes special coatings. After you have a CCTV cleaner, dab some on the microfibre cloth. And gently wipe the lens. If you don’t have access to a cleaner, you can just breathe onto the lens and wipe it using a microfibre cloth. It should be moist enough to get rid of the smudges and dirt on the lens. Remember to clean in circles so that no streaks form.

4. Wipe the Lens with Dry Cloth

Lastly, wipe the lens again with the dry part of the microfibre cloth. This will ensure that no patches of fluids or dust particles remain.

Why Should I Clean My Security Camera Lens?

Cleaning your security camera’s lens can keep it functioning smoothly and improve its results. Therefore, you should clean the security camera lens per unit regularly, like every three or four months. But if you are located in an area with severe weather conditions, you should clean it more often.

Noticing visual problems is a sure sign that your CCTV camera lens needs cleaning. If it is still not producing the right visuals after cleaning, the outside factors might be affecting it. Look for any shrubbery near the camera that needs to be cut. Or do you need to change its angle slightly? Whatever it is, fix it for better footage quality.

What is The Takeaway?

In conclusion, cleaning a security camera lens is important. It might be the fix to the blurry footage problem you’re having. Thus, stick to the steps and clean the lens every 3 to 4 months. To make your footage quality even better and improve night vision, you can get illuminators from Iluminar. Dial +1-281-438-3500 to contact us now.

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