IR Lights for Night Vision to Boost Your Security

This is the time of year we all need to boost our security. There is no better method for boosting security when you need it most than with IR lights for night vision. Most home intrusions and business burglaries occur in no-light or low-light situations. That is why you need IR illuminators. They increase your security camera’s ability to provide law enforcement forensic evidence with license plate and facial recognition.

Many security or CCTV cameras have built-in IR lights for night vision. Most of these are programmed to capture images and videos up close. As it happens, most burglars are a little smarter than to walk up on a CCTV unit. Sure, it may happen occasionally, but for excellent surveillance videos, you need intermediate and long-range IR illuminators to catch them before they are aware of the camera.

Energy-Efficient IR Lights for Night Vision

Adding illuminators can boost your cameras’ night vision. Additional Infrared lights for night vision turn low-light/no-light areas into what your camera will capture as near-daylight. When paired correctly, your cameras and illuminators act together to give you crystal clear images in what would appear to be almost total darkness to the human eye.

What’s great about these IR illuminators – their range is set to equal the wattage. What that means is these IR illuminators are much more energy-efficient than white lights. The IR919-2 Series illuminator with super long-range capabilities only uses 48 watts to cover a distance out to 919 feet, or 280 meters, while the short-range illuminator, the IR148-PoE-2 Series, uses 12 watts to cover 325 feet, or 100 meters.

You can also get full point, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras and illuminators, combined, for 360-degree continuous rotation 24/7 to capture brilliant video.

Applications for These Lights

Many homeowners and homeowner associations (HOA) are using these Infrared lights for night vision in various configurations to cover areas they wouldn’t want lit with white light. These IR illuminators are nearly invisible and will not cause light pollution when your neighbors are trying to sleep.

Businesses use short-range setups inside warehouses, and long-range illuminators in parking lots and external storage areas to provide footage to monitored systems. Those intruders will likely not even know they got caught. The footage will show exactly where they came in, so you can build up security in that area.

For whatever application you need IR Lights for Night Vision, chances are, Iluminar Inc. has the right IR setup or PTZ combination camera to fit your needs.

Iluminar Inc. Has Your Infrared Lights for Night Vision

Iluminar Inc. carries everything from short-range to super long-range illuminators and PTZ camera combinations. Show us a diagram of your setup and we will give you some suggestions. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

Email with your questions.

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