IR Illuminator: Perfecting Surveillance

To perfect surveillance, you will need the right CCTV camera, and for 24-hour protection, you will need the right infrared (IR) illuminators. The best method to start is to appraise the area you will need to cover, your budget, and which wide-angle IR illuminators will cover the most ground for what you want to spend.

Start with a property map, diagram, or outline with measurements in foot or meters, whichever you prefer, then decide on illuminators to illuminate the area of coverage. Then plot your CCTV cameras and illuminators on the diagram.

Decide Which IR Illuminators to Use

Whether you will need short-range surveillance that ranges out to 148 feet (45 meters) or super long range out to 919 feet (280 meters) or anything in between, you can find the right Infrared illuminators to match your needs. And, you will avoid creating neighborhood light pollution because (IR) illuminators are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Decide Which CCTV Cameras to Use

Now that you have plotted your (IR) illuminators for maximum coverage, you can plot your cameras by type, whether static or pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera system. Static cameras will always cover the same area, whereas PTZ cameras will cover more ground, but can be more expensive. Therefore, a combination may be best, but the choice is yours on how you wish to perfect your surveillance coverage.

Now that you have your surveillance coverage mapped, you can take your diagram to one store to get lighting and another to get the cameras. Or, you could shop online at Iluminar, Inc. and OcuSure for the convenience of getting everything in one place.

Where to Find (IR) illuminators in the Houston, TX Area

For everything you need in the way of (IR) illuminators and CCTV cameras, visit Iluminar, Inc. and OcuSure. Eddie Reynolds & Joni Hamasaki can provide you with answers to the difficult questions related to (IR) illuminators, CCTV cameras, license plate recognition and other areas of concern to perfect surveillance at your business or Homeowners Association (HOA) in the Houston, TX area. With everything under one roof, you will know exactly what it will cost before you go, and you won’t need to go anywhere else.

We give you the ultimate options available in infrared lights for CCTV security cameras. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar, INC.

Visit or email with your questions or concerns about infrared lights matched with CCTV or call, 1-+1-281-438-3500.

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