IR Illuminator Flood Lights: A Great Match for Security Camera


Night Vision

IR illuminator flood lights or infrared lights can be used day or night and with black and white cameras to illuminate an area. The advantage of using an IR light is that it is invisible to the human eye. The camera can see, the intruder cannot! This means the intruder will not know they are being filmed because CCTV cameras are designed to pick up images illuminated by infrared. When lights go beyond a certain frequency these are called ultraviolet light; when these fall below that range, it is called infrared light. IR flood lights basically mimic this function to create infra-red light. Therefore, as far as covert surveillance is concerned, it is imperative to use IR flood lights.

IR illuminator Flood Lights With CCTV

There are several different types of IR flood lights. They are, laser type, LED and incandescent lights. These lights are generally the most powerful ones available. Deciding on one will depend on the type of use and cost. With more power comes two benefits. The first is more distance covered with a single unit. The second and more obvious one is greater illumination in each area. It’s not only about seeing through the dark. IR illuminator flood lights are capable of seeing through fog, snowfall and rain.

Advantages of IR illuminator Flood Lights

There is a misconception that IR flood lights can only be used in smaller areas. This is simply not true. IR flood lights with a range of 370 meters are available. Because of this, along with the general improvement in technology for security cameras, such as cloud-based systems, the popularity is on the rise.

This is generally true of all things technological, especially when these get easier to use and become more effective or efficient. And, IR flood lights are no exception. According to recent statistics, more and more people are installing CCTV cameras in areas they may not have done so before.

However, IR illuminator flood lights are not only used to fool intruders. These can also be used in areas where light pollution is not acceptable. This could be an office or residential area, neighborhood, hospital or public park.

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