Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras

Could this be your story? Although this is fictional, the problem’s solution is real: infrared light for CCTV cameras. Every camera needs light to work correctly, and CCTV is no different. Don’t blame your camera for grainy or blurry videos, blame the light, and then fix it.

You own a marina in the suburbs of Houston. Although you make good money in the summer months, with launch fees and mechanical fixes, in the winter, it is mostly storage fees. The lot behind the store, where you sell engines, boats and boating accessories, is big enough to store fifty medium-sized boats and goes right up to the woods. Which is part of the problem.

When you first bought the place, there were no homes for nearly a quarter mile. Since then, though, two houses have gone up on both sides of your marina, so you can no longer keep the white floodlights going all night, due to the complaints from the new neighbors. Lately, someone has been entering your storage lot and has made one of the cabin cruisers their little party place. They even spray-painted on the side of one of the boats: AR loves MJ. That’s going to cost you to clean up, but the problem, now, is to keep them out.

Resolve the Problem With Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras

You have no idea how to solve this dilemma, other than sit in the shop with a shotgun all night, until you catch them. Then, just the other day, you were talking to the UPS driver and mentioned the problem. He said he made a lot of deliveries from Iluminar Inc. to companies around town and discovered they sell infrared light for CCTV cameras, after talking with one of the addressees. She told him vandals had been getting into her lot, as well, and she used infrared light to catch them on camera. The video picture was clear enough for law enforcement (LE) to make an arrest.

You quickly went online to Iluminar Inc., with a feeling of happiness, knowing you could solve your problem without sacrificing a night of waiting and watching. While looking at the website, you noted the specifications of each of the infrared lights for CCTV cameras available. You sketched out the storage lot’s perimeter, to add infrared lights to cover the area. And then, incorporated motion detectors to your current white lights on the interior. You figured, this way, you could record how they got in without tipping them off until it was too late, while getting evidence of their identity for LE.

Why Infrared Lights?

Infrared lights are designed to aid cameras with night vision and provide concealed surveillance, because these lights are invisible to the naked eye. This aids in capturing on film where the intruders got in, allowing you to focus your protections on that area. Furthermore, your neighbors are happy with the lack of light pollution; it is a win-win!

Buy Infrared Lights for CCTV Cameras From Iluminar Inc.

Iluminar Inc. provides the ultimate option available in both LED and infrared lights for CCTV cameras. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar Inc.

Visit or email with your questions or concerns about infrared lights matched with CCTV.

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