Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision

Technology is advancing rapidly, and homeowners and business owners are using the technology available to make their homes and businesses more secure with infrared illumination light for night vision, to couple with their CCTV cameras. Even the best technologically-advanced cameras need help in total darkness. Surely, you could use powerful white lights and flood your neighborhood with enough light to keep away intruders, but at what cost? Your neighbors would be upset, and your electric bills would be enormous.

Why Use Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision With CCTV?

Surveillance cameras are set up to use lights within a certain range or frequency. The human eye can see lights within a shorter range (390-700 nanometers (nm),)and infrared light (between 700-1200 nm) is invisible to the human eye. Scientists developed infrared illumination mainly for the military, but the technology soon spread to surveillance and security operations for homes and businesses. Using IR illumination light for night vision with CCTV creates sharper, clearer images on video.

Keep in mind monochrome (black and white) cameras work very well with infrared lights, however, some CCTV cameras are not set up to receive color with infrared lights. Check the owner’s manual for your camera before changing to IR illumination light for night vision. You might have to change your cameras to get the best video. The criminal elements in our society prefer to operate after dark, and the bulk of the break-in convictions got caught on video that was used to identify them.

Another reason for shoddy quality of videos is glare, which is made by other light sources. Any glare could cause uneven light distribution in the video, making it more challenging to use facial recognition technology, because of the contrast ratio. By using infrared illumination, you can reduce glare and eliminate shoddy video that is unusable.If you use white lights coupled with motion detectors, make sure these are not pointed at the CCTV using infrared illumination light for night vision. It would be equivalent to someone shining a flashlight in your eyes; your night vision would be hampered.

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