Increase Your Security With an Infrared Outdoor Light

It is wise to increase the ability of your camera to provide security footage to law enforcement by adding an infrared outdoor light. Adding motion detectors and infrared illuminators to the front and rear of your home will increase security around your home.

Add Infrared Outdoor Light to CCTV Cameras

All you need to create a safety zone around your home or business is a CCTV with infrared outdoor lights. The Iluminar Inc. short-range illuminator IR-148-2 will project out to 148 feet while using only 48 watts of electricity. You’ll save money on energy costs while providing top-notch security for your family or business.

These illuminators are capable of providing light for your CCTV cameras in no- and low-light situations, when intruders are most likely to be active. When placed around your property, the IR outdoor light will provide facial and license plate recognition for your video cameras, so law enforcement can make the arrest.

Eliminate Glare Whenever Possible

One of the biggest things that interfere with IR outdoor light is bright, white outdoor lights. It is nearly impossible to cancel out all glare from reaching your camera’s lens. Like the glare from your neighbor’s backyard or streetlight, making sure your cameras are placed out of the direct glare of these lights will help ensure clearer, more usable video.

Iluminar Inc. Can Provide the Infrared Outdoor Light You Need

Infrared outdoor light is an efficient and cost-effective method of providing security for your home or business. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

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