Increase Road Safety With CCTV and Illuminators

Video surveillance is a great way to make sure your roads are being used safely and efficiently. CCTV footage allows companies, authorities, and city planners to monitor roads so they can perform specific maintenance and create solutions to the most common problems that drivers face. In this article, we will explain how illuminators help cameras capture what’s really happening on the road.

Why Illuminators are Necessary

When it comes to road safety, you can’t afford to miss important details. IR illumination allows cameras to pick up on tiny details with clarity, even in the middle of the night. This type of illumination is great for security purposes because it provides superior lighting on camera while not being visible to the human eye. We also offer illumination for license plate recognition. This is a feature that most basic CCTV systems are lacking.

Different Lighting For Different Needs

Between infrared lighting, white light illuminators, and license plate recognition cameras, we have a solution for any type of road monitoring. Our illuminators are often used to increase safety and security with bright light in parking lots, tunnels, and highways. We are also a popular solution for security monitoring on private roads and outside office and/or government buildings.

Why Work With Us?

At Iluminar, we combine industry expertise with excellent customer service to ensure that every customer gets the perfect lighting solution for their needs. To learn how we can help your home or business, call us at 281-438-3500.

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