How to Solve Common CCTV Night Vision Problems

A functional CCTV camera will provide 24/7 surveillance cover for your home and business location. During the day, most users have no complaints about their security cameras and the quality of footage captured. The reverse is the case at night. If you own a surveillance system, you’ve probably experienced one of the following problems:

    1. Full or partial white screen

If part of your screen is white or whitish, this may be a sign that light is reflecting into your camera’s lens. Check the line of sight from your camera and see if there is an interfering light source nearby. If there isn’t, ensure that your infrared light source is not facing the camera.

    1. Moving spots in the footage

If there are moving spots in your camera footage, it is probably caused by adverse weather conditions. When it’s raining, water drops interfere with your camera’s lighting, and they reflect light into the lens. Place a visor or a hood over your camera to prevent this. Also, position the camera so that it is not in close contact with rain or dust.

    1. Poor footage

If no footage is being transmitted to your screen, your camera is probably turned off. Check your connection and ascertain that it has power. If the camera’s footage is grainy, then your lighting is inadequate. Don’t depend on external sources like streetlights for illumination. To improve the quality of your footage, get a dedicated LED light for your cameras. If you want to capture footage without alerting intruders, you can opt for an infrared illuminator.

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