How to Secure Empty Vacation Homes

Summer is right around the corner, and everyone is planning to enjoy in the vacant vacation homes. Although these holiday homes are empty for most months, they should be secured like your primary residence. In reality, they may need even a higher level of security because they can be at a higher risk of burglary due to the absence of residents and neighbors. If you are going for a party in your secondary home, you can implement certain methods to make your vacation property more secure before you leave it once again.

Lock All Doors and Windows Properly

This may seem stupid, but a countless number of people forget to properly lock the doors and windows. When you’re done with the party and are now returning to your work life, double-check the locks on entrance points. To increase security, you can use deadbolt door locks and added security techniques to your windows. Also, avoid hiding the extra key in your home, if you can hide the key, then the burglars can too, and they can surely find it.

Make Sure Your House Looks Occupied

The hack to secure vacation homes is altering the way it looks. If it appears that the house is empty, thieves and vandals can come crawling to it. To fake, if someone is living at home, you can install automatic lights that open and close at certain intervals. You can also ask your neighbors to park their vehicles in front of your house. One more thing you can do is to hire someone to give a proper cut to the grass.

Develop Friendship With Your Neighbors

Make good terms with your neighbors and establish a friendship to secure your holiday home because the neighbors who live there permanently will watch out for abnormal movements around your home when you’re not around. You can also stay in touch with your neighbors over a phone call or social media and take updates every now and then. One of the best ways to hide a spare key is to give it to a neighbor that you trust. This is better than hiding it near the property.

Install A Good Security System

If you are looking for the most secure way to protect your empty holiday home, installing a full security system is the best bet. The best security system would be the one that you can control from anywhere, so you know what is happening on your vacation home. To make the place more secure, you can use security cameras with motion detectors, so you get notified if someone tries to break in.

What else you can do is install cameras on the inside of the property so you can keep an eye on the fires or leakages without going to the house physically for an inspection. When looking for a security system for your holiday property, contact our staff. You can call us at +1-281-438-3500.

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