How To Prevent Home Invasion | 5 Effective Strategies You Can Use Today

Break-ins can happen to anyone, and it’s best to be prepared if a burglar ever makes your property a target. Of course, this means learning how to prevent home invasion by making it difficult for people to target your property – prevention is always the best strategy.
That’s why this article will list five effective ways you can prevent home invasion. We’ll show you how to create a series of deterrents for intruders before they can act.

How To Prevent Home Invasion

1. Let There Be Light

Lighting is the most important deterrent to criminals. When scouting properties to target, criminals prefer dark places that are difficult to monitor unless you’re very close to them. If your home is completely dark at sunset or sunrise, it’s easy for intruders to conceal their activity, even from neighbors or pedestrians nearby.
You should ensure your front yard, patio, backyard, or other entry points are well-lit. Neighbors and people nearby will be able to spot any suspicious activity if it happens. Plus, thieves are less likely to target a home where they cannot sneak in undetected. Quality lights, such as Iluminar’s Visible series of white-light illuminators, provide uniform, bright light that can complement your property’s appearance while keeping intruders wary.

2. Never Let Your Home Look Empty

An empty home is a prime target. As we mentioned earlier, lighting is very important, but it serves another function. When the lights are on, there’s probably someone at home. If you’re away or traveling, mail and newspapers can pile up, which can attract porch pirates – some of whom might be inclined to dig a little deeper to see what they can find.
Using plug-in timers to turn lights on and off at specific times of the day is a great way to “fake” the appearance of someone being home. If you have smart lighting, you can schedule set times for them to turn on. You can also leave a radio or music player on inside the house.

3. Don’t Hide Spare Keys

Lots of people have a casual attitude towards hiding keys under a doormat or on the ledge above the entrance to their home. But this is a terrible idea! Criminals are well-versed in gaining access to homes and will search for a key before attempting another way in. Plus, would-be thieves are likely to scout a location to monitor the occupant’s activities before they strike, and if they’re watching you come and go, they can probably see where you hide your key.

4. Secure Entry Into Your Home

Pay attention to the details. Thin windows, cheap door locks with no deadbolt, and finicky garage doors that don’t close all the way – these are all things that can grant a burglar easy access to your home. They are, however, easy to fix. Ensure all your windows latch correctly and maintain your garage door to make sure it closes properly. Change your aging door locks, add a deadbolt, or even get a smart lock. Make sure you don’t make an intruder’s job easier for them.

5. Eliminate Blind Spots

You don’t want to give a burglar the confidence to sneak into your home, so eliminate any hiding places. Tall shrubs and bushes can cause blind spots, as can untrimmed trees. This is true for both passersby and any security cameras you may have. But, if there’s nowhere for a burglar to hide, they’re less likely to attempt to break in.

Conclusion: How To Protect Your Home From Invasion

Today, we have several tools available to help us monitor and secure our homes, families, and loved ones. That’s why you should take advantage of all the tools and technology we have, no matter how simple or sophisticated. The options are limitless, whether it’s lighting your home to prevent break-ins, using the latest smart locks, surveillance cameras, or even infrared night vision.
Iluminar specializes in the manufacture of superior, professional-quality LED lighting solutions for license plate capture systems and video surveillance. To top it off, we offer unmatched customer service for all of our clients.
Our invisible and visible series of products come in various form factors, with many angle choices, wavelengths, range, and power ratings available. All of our illuminators come with covert and semi-covert options capable of running off AC or DC power. Best of all, we offer weatherproof systems with exceptional build quality to survive even the most brutal deployment application.
Our product experts will personally guide you towards choosing the right product for your application. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (281) 438-3500 today!

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