How to Prevent CCTV Blind Spots

To get a full view from CCTV cameras, you need to install at least 2/3 of them. One to cover the area you want to be surveilled and the others to cover the first security camera blind spots. Depending on how big the focus area is and in a bid to avoid blind spots, you may end up with more cameras than you need. To forestall that, here are some tips on how to prevent security camera blind spots:

  • Firstly, mark out the area you want to monitor. Stand where you think the camera should be placed and take a picture. The picture shows you the field of view, and this information can be used to decide what camera lens and how much zoom you need, and how far away you need to place the camera for optimal coverage.
  • The camera resolution you need depends on what you want to capture. Are the cameras going to be in a room or outdoors? Do you want to capture people’s faces or just license number plates? Perhaps you only need enough resolution to capture movement and trigger an intruder alert system. Whatever your needs are, factor them in before you go shopping for cameras.
  • Depending on the lighting in the area, you may need to get LED lights to give your cameras a better view. If you want to capture covertly, consider getting infrared illuminators. With infrared LEDs, the camera gets enough light to capture events while the surrounding area remains dark.

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