How to Enhance the Quality of Your CCTV Footage

The footages captured by most CCTV cameras are not clear enough to identify intruders convincingly. As a result, the images (and videos) often fail to provide prosecutors with enough evidence to convict suspects. If your security cameras are not capturing clear footage, here are some helpful tips on how to enhance security camera footage.

Choose a camera with the ideal resolution

The resolution power of a CCTV camera is measured in lines, and the higher the lines, the better the quality of the footage. For an outdoor camera, you need a camera with a resolution of 700 lines or better. With this, you get clear images with good facial recognition. Indoor cameras that are meant to cover a small area—say, less than a 50-foot radius—do not need as much resolution to capture clear images.

Improve the lighting around the camera

No matter how high the resolution of your camera is, you can’t get clear footage without proper lighting. The mistake many people make is assuming that street lighting will provide enough illumination for outdoor cameras; this is not always true. To improve lighting, equip your camera with an LED illuminator. While installing, make sure the glare/reflection from the light does not compromise image quality.

Use infrared illuminators to improve night vision

In residential areas where light pollution may be an issue or at locations where it is important to monitor intruders covertly, infrared illuminators may be used instead of visible light LEDs. With IR light, the camera gets enough lighting to capture clear images but the illumination is not visible to the naked eye.

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