How to Find the Best Infrared Security Light for Your Business

The past few decades have seen a rise in technological developments. One of the areas most affected by technological inventions and enhancements is that of closed-circuit television (CCTV). Coupling cameras with infrared security light technology assists businesses by detecting objects and their movement, even in low-light/no-light situations. It is shrewd to use infrared in this manner to ensure security and safety in your business, because, for businesses, security is crucial to maintaining inventory. Another key is finding the right infrared security light for your business.

Use Medium-Range Low-Watt LEDs in Your Infrared Security Light System

When considering security, it is important to invest in a quality surveillance system. Coupling infrared security light with CCTV point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras is presently optimum. This will prove useful especially when there is a limited amount of natural lighting. Clear videos and images will assist law enforcement in catching intruders and recovering your inventory.

These infrared illuminators are a key feature to look for when you consider buying security lights. The IR312-PoE-2 Series is a medium-range infrared security light. This 24-watt LED light is made for distances up 312 feet, although that may not be optimum for facial recognition or license plate identification. Most cameras are not yet capable of crystal clear video at that distance.However, by placing more lights at shorter ranges, you can get the ultimate setup you need.This will ensure the security cameras, coupled with the infrared security light, discover and display objects clearly.

When purchasing the infrared security light, it is important to avoid too-bright lights, which create more glare and make your video blurry, especially in low-light situations. Invest in more lights with moderate power, placed closer together.Generally, infrared security lights have proved to be of great value in surveillance systems.

Get the Infrared Security Light Your Business Needs From Iluminar Inc.

You can always find the best infrared security light from Iluminar Inc. Investing in these infrared lights could help detect intruders, follow their motion and provide video evidence of their activity to law enforcement. For more information, visit the Iluminar Inc website for all your security lighting needs.

“Without light, there is no video!”

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