How Much Area Does an Infrared Outdoor Light Illuminate?

The use of infrared outdoor light is neither a new nor a novel concept. What is new and innovative, however, is the increase in availability of these types of lights and the area these lights can cover. Because the quality of video or images produced depends on the quality of the camera and the lights, it is important to match these two elements. Here’s how to estimate the requirements needed for the most common security camera setups.

Calculating Infrared Outdoor Light Coverage

Recognizing the human eye is incapable of seeing light in the infrared spectrum, it’s important to understand the fundamental concepts of how to work with these invisible infrared outdoor lights.

Keeping in mind that if the final goal is to capture and record video (or images) illuminated with infrared light, the quality of the camera used is just as important as the quality or coverage of the infrared outdoor light. A high-quality HD camera coupled with infrared illuminators can record well at 150 feet or more; whereas, a low-quality camera may not capture any suitable image with infrared.

Let’s look at some of the key terms we’ll need to understand:

  • Field of View – The view directly in focus, as seen from the camera
  • Area of Illumination – The area directly serviced by the infrared lights
  • Area of Coverage – An overlay of the area of illumination onto the cameras field of view

The camera’s field of view must completely cover the area of illumination. Doing this gives us the net area of coverage. Accordingly, if you have a wide-angle field of view, you should implement a more extensive area of illumination. After deciding on the area to be covered by the security camera, use the specifications on the infrared illuminators to install adequate infrared outdoor light to include the field of view for the camera used.

Extend and Enhance the Coverage Area With Wide-Angle Illuminators

The total area of illumination needed may vary greatly, depending on the quality of the camera, obstacles partially impeding the infrared light rays and the type and strength of the infrared outdoor light used. Consult the individual infrared illuminator specifications before deciding if it meets or exceeds the needed area of illumination. Often, the best approach for achieving an adequate area of coverage is to incorporate wide-angle infrared illuminators, matching or exceeding the known field of view for the system’s security camera. This inclusion assures proper coverage in most security setups.

Once the coverage area has been established and illuminated, you can rest assured your home or business is no longer in the dark, even when it is dark!

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