How IR Illuminators Improve Security in Residential Areas

More surveillance cameras are being fitted with infrared illuminators in places where a low level of lighting is required e.g., cinemas, theatres, and wildlife observation posts. Since IR does not emit visible light, it provides a source of illumination for surveillance gear without lighting up the immediate surrounding as white lights do. An increasing number of residential areas are adopting IR illuminators to improve their security and here is why:

They have better light penetration

When there is fog, heavy dust, or atmospheric haze, it becomes difficult for cameras fitted with white lights to make clear recordings. Infrared illuminators penetrate murky weather, providing better picture and video quality.

They provide lighting for surveillance cameras without disturbance

Surveillance cameras around residential areas often use floodlights to (1) provide lighting for the cameras and (2) ward off potential intruders. However, floodlights placed close to people’s homes cause light pollution if they are left on overnight. With IR illuminators, you can maintain security without disturbing your neighbors.

They are effective for covert monitoring

While a security camera coupled with visible light serves to ward off potential intruders, some burglars are skilled at avoiding detection. If your home or residential area gets robbed constantly and you never seem to catch a view of the intruders, equip cameras with IR illuminators in hidden areas. Even if they successfully avoid the illuminated cameras, the non-visible illuminators will allow the hidden cameras to record their actions covertly.

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