How an Invisible IR Illuminator Works

Many people believe darkness is the absence of light, but that’s not exactly true. Darkness is the absence of light visible to the naked eye. Invisible IR illuminators are not really invisible either, it’s just that your optical lens cannot pick up that range of light. Light appears to us in ranges from ultra-violet (UV) to infrared (IR), between those extremes are light spectrums, some visible to the human eye and some not. Invisible IR illuminators work by enhancing the available light for use by your camera. Some people who get a grainy or blurred video or pictures from their CCTV blame the camera, but it’s not necessarily the camera’s fault.

Cameras are designed to work with light; the more light that is available for the camera’s use, the better video and still images it will produce. Invisible IR illuminators reflect and enhance the light that is present. The camera is set to record light images within a specific range, if the light is not robust enough to reach that range, you will receive blurred or hazy images.

The range or frequency of wavelengths in light needed to be visible to the naked eye is generally between 390 and 700 nanometers, which converts to 430–770 THz. A nanometer is a billionth of a meter, and THz is a terahertz, or a measurement of frequency equal to 1000 gigahertz. IR illuminators amplify the light of the moon, streetlights, or other any source of light, which is heat energy, and IR is designed to magnify and capture heat energy as an image or video.

Perfect Companion for CCTV

Simply because IR illuminators are invisible to the naked eye, they can be the perfect companions for your CCTV. In situations where you need stealth or less light pollution, such as in residential neighborhoods, IR illuminators are ideal. They do not interfere with your neighbor’s sleep habits, and they are less expensive to maintain than white light. Invisible IR illuminators also penetrate the darkness for a much farther distance than their white light counterparts, making them more cost-effective.

The Advantage of Invisible IR Illuminators

Invisible IR illuminators have a few advantages over those night vision devices that use a different technology, besides those already mentioned. The military first developed IR technology, so that science was already advanced, but has since been enhanced further by private corporations. Aside from these being more cost-effective, compared to many other options, the IR illuminators additionally offer higher quality, performing such tasks as high-speed, high-quality video capture. By eliminating inconsistent ambient light, IR illuminators allow the camera to pierce not only darkness but fog, mist and rain to capture video and still images.
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