How Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras Works

Security and safety are crucial to warehouse operators, homeowner’s associations (HOA) and large-scale businesses. They rely on roving guards and CCTV cameras to monitor what’s going on in their area of operation. Infrared light for CCTV cameras provides you with the ability to create video or still photo images in no-light or low-light situations. But, how does it work? How are we able to record video of otherwise invisible events?

This technology was developed by the military to provide troops with night vision capabilities. The light visible to humans has a shorter wavelength and higher frequency than infrared light for CCTV cameras.The Latin translation of infra to English is below. Red is the color of the longest wavelength of light visible to a human’s eye. So, coupled with the English word or color red, infrared means “below red.”

Since all living things emit a heat signature,as well as some inanimate objects heated by external forces or internal mechanics, infrared can pick up that heat signature and transform it into an image visible to specially equipped CCTV cameras.

“Day/Night Cameras” Versus Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras

A day/night camera does not use infrared technology and requires some light to capture video or stills.The technology used in day/night cameras is a sensitive imaging sensor, which allows this camera to capture recordable/viewable videos and still photos even when less light is available but not when no light is present. Many HOA and warehouse managers mistakenly believe or have been deceived into believing, day/night cameras can operate in total darkness.Not true. Without light, there is no video.

That’s why infrared light for CCTV cameras is so valuable in covering large darkened areas like HOAs, parking garages and warehouses. Wide-angle illuminators can “brighten” that space for your CCTV camera and give you sharp, clear videos in total darkness.

Wide-angle illuminators can even reach into the corners and shaded areas around trees and hedges where intruders think they are hidden, yet infrared illuminators capture their heat signature and give away their hiding place.

However, infrared illuminators only work as well as the camera used to create the video. Therefore, it is best to discuss both your lighting needs and your camera capabilities with one of our technicians.

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