Hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision

It is a wise decision to have hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision. Many prefer to put up their surveillance cameras in a place that is visible to all. Both options are present; however, there are many good reasons to have it hidden from the public. The main aim of having a night vision camera is to secure your place. This system can tell you the timings and images of who enters and leaves an area.

Hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision are more secure

A security camera at the main entrance monitors movements. It tells when your children came from school or when the maid left from work. In addition, you will have the option to see and only welcome people you know. A hidden camera will secretly do its job without anyone knowing, hence monitoring people’s true intentions.

An open camera is less secure. If the intruder knows that there is a camera, he can hide his face and enter. Besides being less safe, anyone can damage the system. On the other hand, hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision do their work secretly. At night, an IR illuminator’s night vision makes it possible for the camera to capture images in the dark.

Hiding places

There are lots of places to hide a surveillance system. It can be in bushes, plants, hidden walls, bird holes, or any other site from where it can camouflage. The camera captures images using sunlight; however, clear pictures and videos are impossible at night in pitch darkness. That is exactly where IR illuminators come into play. No matter the hiding spot, IR illuminators have night vision capabilities that allow them to work even when everyone is asleep.

Hence, for any hidden outdoor security camera to have night vision, an IR Illuminator is a must. Iluminar is the manufacturer of IR and white light Illuminators. We have a wide variety of series available to suit the needs of all types of surveillance systems. To know more about our products, feel free to contact us at 282-438-3500 .

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