Halloween is the Best Time to Use an Infrared Camera Light

Well, here we are once again, farmers and gardeners are well into harvest for most crops and Halloween is here again. What that means for school-aged children and their parents is costumes, trick or treat, and lots of goodies. Also, what it means for many, since the reality show Ghost Hunters is using infrared camera light to try to capture the images of poltergeists.

What’s Special About Infrared Camera Light

Why at Halloween, you might ask? Infrared light is always there. And, if they exist, luminous specters would be visible any other time of year, as well. Infrared is not visible with the naked human eye on All Hallows’ Eve or any other time. Yet, many people have a lot of fun with it. They enjoy believing they captured a specter, and perhaps some do.

Human vision usually captures light wavelengths within the electromagnetic spectrum of 390 to 700 nanometers (nm). This range of light is typically referred to as visible light. With the aid of infrared camera light, we are able to capture still photos or video images at 700 nm to 1 millimeter (mm) or more.

Why many believe they have filmed a “ghost” is that infrared cameras capture heat signature, including body heat. The body heat can remain long after the body or person has moved – not necessarily after they have moved on. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the images recorded moving around on the video when there is no one there could very well be from the person who setup the camera or background. While it’s true you could be filming your own heat signature, considering we can only see a very limited spectrum of actual light, who knows who or what is walking among us?

Infrared Camera Light: An Aid for CCTV

Infrared camera light most often is used for security. Although it’s fun to try to capture poltergeists and specters, most infrared filming is used to catch real demons – those intruders who would come into people’s homes and businesses to steal what others have worked for and struggle to keep, so they can care for their families and the families of those who work for them.

Infrared illuminators come in a wide variety of ranges, from short to super-long-range. They also come in a range of power consumption, or wattage, and they have long warranties. You can buy the illuminators you need to match with your camera for the right infrared camera light and capabilities. Short-range is generally around 150 feet, and super-long-range can be up to 919 feet.

In most cases, you will not need to buy a special camera, as all cameras are capable of capturing infrared light, it just depends on the installed filters. You might need to remove the infrared filter, which manufacturers install to make better daylight pictures. Most photographers want natural light; therefore, the filters are used to eliminate the infrared spectrum that interferes with natural light.

Iluminar Inc. for the Illuminators You Need for Infrared Camera Light

Whether you want illuminators for Halloween fun or real-world security, Iluminar Inc. has the infrared camera light you need. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

Email sales@iluminarinc.com with questions about specific illuminators for various projects.

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