Give a Gift to Your Security Camera With Illuminator Infrared

Maybe it’s time to get illuminator infrared lights for your security cameras. Why? Well, here we are again at “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” and many are wrapping gifts and decorating their homes and businesses for the holidays. Unfortunately, it is not so merry and bright for you and your security camera. Someone broke into your business and hauled off some of the most expensive merchandise you had in inventory. Even though your insurance will cover most of the stolen merchandise, you won’t be able to replace much of it before the holiday shopping period, even if the insurance company comes through with a check.

They just backed a truck up to the loading dock and loaded it up with your stuff. What’s so infuriating is that you have video of the truck and the thieves, but it’s so grainy and blurred, no one is identifiable. Even though you have a shot of the back of the truck as they backed up to the platform, law enforcement couldn’t even read the plate number.

Your Security Camera or Lighting?

You were just talking to your security manager about replacing the CCTV when he said he didn’t think it was the camera’s fault at all, but the lighting, or lack of lighting. He said what you really need is illuminator infrared lighting. He said illuminator infrared lights would provide you with wide-angle lighting that would light up the loading dock and everything out back, to give you all the illuminating power you need.

What’s more, these lights are invisible to the naked eye, so there are no worries about light pollution.

Illuminator Infrared: “The Gift That Keeps on Giving”

So, now you know what gift you will give yourself, your business and your security cameras this year: illuminator infrared lighting. You looked at Iluminar Inc. online and discovered these lights could reach out almost a quarter of a mile if necessary and provide your security cameras with all the light they need to produce excellent video. They even have white lights, which you can hook up to motion detectors to ward off intruders, without constantly bothering the neighbors.

Bottom line

Illuminator infrared is a superior form of lighting for your CCTV. No more grainy, blurred video from your security cameras, with infrared.

Buy Your Security Camera An Illuminator Infrared This Year

Iluminar Inc. gives you the all the options for illuminator infrared lights you need, for your security cameras. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar Inc.

Visit or email with your questions or concerns about illuminator infrared lights to match with your CCTV.

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