Getting the Best Performance From an Infrared Outdoor Light

So, you have already been sold on the idea of using infrared outdoor light as part of your security system, but do you know how to get the best performance? Each property will have different requirements, but there are basic rules you can follow to maximize the efficiency of your infrared outdoor light.

Infrared Outdoor Light

Infrared outdoor light is invisible to the naked eye, which is what makes it the perfect option for living in a busy neighborhood. Just like with any other security feature, it is important that your Illuminar equipment is set up to optimize performance. You can be guaranteed that the majority of criminals targeting where you live will pull out all the stops, so it makes sense to trip them up in any way you can.

Camera and Light Placement

When you are setting up your cameras, it is important to test them at night, so you can determine the area captured. Top-of-the-line infrared outdoor light can cover up to a quarter of a mile, so take advantage of your cameras full scope. Placement should cover all potential weak points on and up to the edge of your property.

Think about the details you would want to capture in the event of an attempted or successful break-in. If the burglar has parked at the front of your property, you want your cameras to easily pick out details, such as the model of car, license plate and any other distinctive features. Infrared outdoor light will also reveal the movements of criminals attempting to use shadows for cover, when positioned correctly.

Eliminate Interference From Glare

Infrared outdoor light can reflect off certain surfaces, such as glass or metal. If the light is then reflected back to the camera lens, image quality becomes severely compromised. For the same reason, avoid placing your cameras in locations where there are strong lights nearby. However, cameras with a foam ring device do not suffer from the glare effect.

Always test your cameras under both natural and unnatural lighting conditions to determine their effectiveness. If your infrared outdoor light is not equipped to deal with variations in external lighting conditions, a determined burglar will exploit that weakness.

Do you need security cameras and infrared outdoor light you can rely on? Contact Illuminar today to find out more about our wide range of home security products.

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