Get More Action With a CCTV Light

Many people blame their CCTV camera if the motion in their video is blurred when the action starts. In most cases, it is not due to the camera’s quality, but the quality or quantity of CCTV light. Proper lighting is basic to ensure action caught by your camera’s lens is sharp. You can have the best quality camera available and still get shoddy action videos due to poor lighting. The key to crisp clear action videos is quality CCTV light!

Why Illumination Is so Important

Light is the fundamental factor in photography. That’s why so many camera companies have spent so much time and money researching and developing flashbulbs. Though the light from flashbulbs last but a split second, if the flash is not right, you get a grainy photograph, and everyone’s skin is ghost white, their eyes are red or reflect the flash, making them look like mindless zombies.
The problem has always been that your outside and even inside environment is divided into day and night. Obvious, right? Floodlights can produce the type of light needed in nighttime surveillance videos to get good action video for CCTV. This is the type of light we need to identify those in the video. Grainy images with sparkling eyes do no good in our efforts to identify an intruder. As in the saying the eyes are the window to the soul, eyes are very important in identifying who’s in the image.

Floodlights are quite expensive to keep on throughout the night. In residential neighborhoods, you might get lots of complaints about your lights invading the neighbors’ sleep. That’s why infrared (IR) light has become so important to producing the right CCTV light. Good action images, essential for use in investigations of break-ins and other intrusion incidents, depend not only on the quantity of available light, but the quality and equal distribution of that light. That lack of distribution produced many of the problems with flashbulbs.

IR for CCTV light is particularly important during hours of low light or darkness. IR has become necessary for nighttime surveillance video.

What Characteristics of IR Are Most Valuable to CCTV Light?

The near-invisibility of IR makes it perfect for nighttime surveillance, because the intruders do not even realize they are being filmed. This provides investigators good images they can use for identification, because the perpetrators are not trying to hide their identity.

Another important aspect of using IR for CCTV light is the intruders, not realizing they are being filmed, will not try to mask their entry point or other aspects of their operations, and security will have a better idea of where to bolster protective measures. IR is vital, therefore, to cloak surveillance operations in order to gather information that can be used in the future to strengthen security, regardless of the outcome of the break-in.

Get Better, Clearer Action Shots on Your CCTV

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