Front Of House Lighting Positions | Best Practices and Tips

Did you know that just some simple, strategic lighting can have a massive effect on the appearance and beauty of your home? That’s right: choosing the right front of house lighting positions can highlight your home’s appearance and improve your property’s perception.

This guide will discuss some of the most important ideas that can improve your front of house lighting. We’ll also talk about common mistakes people make when lighting their homes.

Front Of House Lighting Positions: Why Are They Important?

Let’s talk about how poor lighting can make your home look unappealing by considering the example of a face.

Have you ever noticed how a shopping mall bathroom can make your face look much brighter compared to the dim lighting of a bathroom at a gas station? Many people prefer taking pictures of themselves in ambient light that accentuates their best features. Your home is no exception; poor lighting can make it look drab and dull – there’s a reason the word “shady” has a negative connotation.

Lighting your house properly can make a great impression for people who visit your home and make it a much better sight to look at and enjoy.

Best Practices and Tips

  • Don’t point your lights directly at your house. This is especially true for doors and windows, which can cause unwanted glare directly into your eyes. Instead, tilt the lights either upward or downward to minimize glare.
  • Do install path lights that illuminate evenly downwards. These can add a striking look to any home and illuminate paths in a warm glow. Distribute lights evenly and point them downwards, so they don’t blind your path as you look downward. LED strips are a great option.
  • Don’t use high-wattage illuminators everywhere. Dimmer, warmer lights can add a cozy feel and illuminate just enough without turning night into day.
  • Do use shielded or diffusing enclosures. Instead of using bare lights, shielding or diffusing can make for a more evenly dispersed light instead of a glaring, focused beam.
  • Don’t direct spotlights at people. Unless you’re looking to catch burglars, spotlights can be annoying and cause an eyesore for neighbors and residents.
  • Do use recessed downlights. The light dispersed will be softer and more even, making outdoor environments such as patios more comfortable.
  • Do use moonlighting and uplighting. This refers to pointing lights downward from a high position to mimic the moon’s soft light. Uplighting can enhance the appearance of trees on your property.


We hope these tips help you light your home appropriately to impress, add beauty and improve your living experience.

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