Everything You Need to Know About Infrared Illuminators

Infrared illuminators are critical for CCTV use in low-light/no-light situations. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about infrared illuminators including planning range, weatherproofing, accessories, and PTZ.

The Planning Range of Infrared Illuminators

Whatever planning range you need for your surveillance camera setup, we have the infrared

illuminators to meet your requirements. To easily find the range, check the name. The IR148-2 Series, for instance, has a planning range up to 148 feet. That is a short-range illuminator. The medium-range IR312-2 Series (312 feet), the long-range IR623-2 Series (623 feet) and super-long IR919-2 Series (919 feet). Mix and match to illuminate your entire project area.

Our Weatherproof Rating for Infrared Illuminators?

All of our infrared illuminators are weatherproof tested to IP-67, which means these devices could be fully-immersed in water for up to 30 minutes without leaking. These illuminators are suitable for outdoor parking garages, boat storage, new & used car lots, etc. Likewise, our vinyl clad illuminators are built to withstand -50° up to 140°F temperatures.

Accessories Available

To mount our products efficiently, we sell the following accessories:

To find the right mounting bracket for your project, click for details. The power and data connector is Gigabit compatible with fast ethernet.

Our Point-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras with Infrared Illuminators

These are a self-contained robotic camera. Our IR229-P and IR623-P Series PTZ units are manufactured by Pelco Esprit® with vandal-proof filters and weatherproofing. These come with a weather-tight connection at the mount.

Visit Iluminar Inc.

That’s actually everything you need to know about our infrared illuminators. Make a diagram of the area you need to cover for surveillance and input the right illuminators and accessories. It’s that easy to set up your surveillance security system for sharp low-light videos. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

Email your questions to sales@iluminarinc.com.

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